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Our Needs

Facility Improvements


The boiler, which heats the church, gathering area, and school, is over 50 years old and past its useful life. Its inefficiency and unreliability has resulted in major costly emergency repairs – four years ago it broke down on a cold winter night, resulting in no heat in the building and frozen pipes. We need a reliable, energy-efficient heating system for our facilities.

  • The boiler maintenance is costly and it is hard to service because the controls are so old and the parts are difficult to find.
  • Decay and cracking shows the boiler is close to a state of complete disrepair.
  • Because of its age, the system is not energy-efficient and is potentially a safety hazard.
  • The heating in the church and school buildings is uneven and unreliable with hot and cold areas because of failing controls.

Our sanctuary needs beautification. Untouched since 1975, it needs to be updated to reflect the transcendence of the God that we worship at Mass.

  • Last year the Bishop requested that within three years we move our tabernacle to the center of the sanctuary to remind us that the presence of Christ is central to all that we do as a parish community.
  • The sanctuary platform’s top level is oddly configured and potentially unsafe. It could easily cause a visiting priest to misstep (especially an elderly priest).
  • The red carpeting is outdated, worn, and needs replacement. There are burn holes, stains, and threads coming out. Parish members have even taken a red marker to color over the worn edges to make it look nicer.
  • Sheetrock nails are coming loose, pop up, and periodically need to be tacked.

The kitchen needs to be updated and improved to meet health and safety requirements as well as adequately service the many meals prepared there. Because it is used for school lunches, big events such as fish fries, and the Annual School Gala, it needs to have better storage, organization, and sanitation.

  • The middle table in the kitchen is too low, causing back strain for those who work on it for long periods of time. It also does not offer adequate storage underneath.
  • The laminate wood cupboard doors are deteriorating and peeling off due to water splashing whenever the kitchen floor is cleaned with a hose.
  • The countertop laminate is difficult to clean and is not sanitary – it is easy for mold and bacteria to grow.
  • We lack an adequate amount of storage space throughout the kitchen – a better design would enable more and more efficient storage space.
  • The fish fry numbers have been increasing in recent years. Over 700 dinners were served this past year at the fish fries with 15-20 volunteers helping each time. The kitchen needs to be better organized to handle this volume more effectively and safely.

Our existing narthex is too small to create a welcoming space for visitors and members to socialize before and after Masses. 

  • The small size makes it difficult to manage funeral caskets, for wedding parties to gather, and for other special and sacred celebrations held in our church. 
  • It is difficult for members to greet and talk with one another, which is important to building a closely connected parish family.
  • Because of lack of space, Father must greet parishioners outside after Sunday Mass. This becomes impossible when it is raining, snowing, or too hot or too cold.

Technology updates are needed at the school. The enrollment has been increasing and in order for our students and our school to remain competitive it is important to provide our students with the current educational technology. We offer a great spiritual and moral education, however we also must provide comparable technology to other schools.

The extremely limited storage space in Dane impacts our gym activities and sometimes even turns our church into storage space.

  • Currently the gymnasium is serving double duty as both a major storage area and as a gym. This limits our ability to fully use and enjoy the gym because many times it is full of tables, chairs, etc.
  • If the entire gym needs to be used, all of the tables and chairs must be relocated into the church – making it less like a sacred space and more like a backup storage room. 

Facility Improvements


Outside Entrance
We lack a safe, easily accessible, and covered drop off entrance to our church.

Families with young children, our elderly population, and those with mobility issues must walk across the parking lot and down a long sidewalk to get into church. This long walk is dangerous in snowy and icy weather. 

Our Confessional (Room) is an old work sacristy and is used not only for confessions but also as a storage room.
To restore the sacred nature of the Sacrament of Confession in the minds and hearts of all of our parishioners, we need to make this room into strictly a confessional and remove all storage components so that it is a fitting place to celebrate this beautiful encounter with God’s mercy.

Outdoor and Indoor Repairs

  • The 2 x12 steeple boards need to be tightened at both the top and bottom. Some of the boards are rotting at the holes, the bolts are coming loose, and the boards are not safely secured.
  • The padding on the kneelers needs to be replaced to make them more comfortable/usable, especially for our elderly parishioners and/or those with leg and knee issues.

Other Improvements

Dane & Lodi

Parking Lots
The weather has taken its toll on the parking lots at both St. Michael and
St. Patrick and they are beyond repair.

  • The past patch and repair work is no longer adequate.
  • There is no longer a solid surface; yearly freeze and thaws have degraded it into simply alligator cracks and crumbling pavement.
  • The uneven surface poses a tripping and safety hazard, and makes it difficult to plow in the winter.
  • Contractors that we’ve consulted with have stated that any further patching would be a waste of money given the current conditions of both parking lots.

There is a need to improve accessibility at both of our churches. We have a commitment to serve all in our community and yet, our facilities are not handicapped accessible.

  • The entrance doors are standard and heavy, making them impossible to open if you are in a wheelchair or have other mobility issues.
  • Our restrooms cannot currently accommodate those using walkers and wheelchairs. 
    These accessibility issues prohibit, or at least inhibit, many members, especially our elderly and handicapped members, from having reasonable/easy access to either of our churches.