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Our Plans

Facility Improvements


Purchasing a new boiler will ensure proper and reliable heating in the years ahead. The new boiler also will be energy-efficient, greatly improving comfort while lowering our heating costs. The system will consist of multiple “mini” boilers that will not only heat the church and school, but also serve as back ups to one another.

We will update the sanctuary by removing the odd shaped upper level, replacing the worn red carpet with a more durable and beautiful flooring material, and moving the tabernacle to the direct center of the Sanctuary as the Bishop requires.

Updating the kitchen will consist of installing a new fixed island with storage below. All countertops will be of a material such as Corian or Formica that is sanitary and stain resistant, and will withstand years of use and washings. All doors and surfaces will be replaced with water-resistant materials.

Enlarging the current narthex by 20ft x 30ft, not only will give us more elbow room. It will enable parishioners and visitors to meet and greet and get to know one another better before and after liturgies, weddings and funerals, as well as at other special and sacred celebrations held in our church. The larger narthex also will allow space for Father to greet parishioners inside after Mass during inclement weather. 

Technology Updates
Our planned technology updates will bring our school up to par with other schools in the area. They will provide our students with current learning tools, elevate their educational experience, and enhance an already excellent spiritual and moral education. These enhancements will include:

  • Seven laptops: one for each classroom and for the principal.
  • Four smart boards: one for each classroom.
  • 35-45 Chromebooks: one for the use of each student in grades 5-8.
  • 15 iPads: for the use of the younger students in grades K-4.
  • One iPad charging cart.

Storage will be increased by adding an addition to the east wall of the gym. Accessible from inside the gym, tables and chairs will be easily moved in and out as the need arises. The opening will be an 8 x 7 rollup garage-like door that will lead to a non-temperature controlled storage area.

Facility Improvements


Covered Drop-off Entrance
We plan to add a covered drop-off entrance at the northwest side of the building that will be especially useful during inclement weather. This will be our building’s main entryway and will be much safer for everyone, especially our elderly, handicapped parishioners, families with young children, and visitors.

The Confessional will be made into the sacred place that it should be. The room will no longer be used for storage and the sink and cabinets will be removed.  

All needed repairs to the steeple boards will be made. This will require bringing a boom lift to reach the steeple and refasten and tighten the steeple boards.

The kneelers will be recovered and get new more comfortable padding.

Other Improvements - Dane & Lodi

Parking Lots
The parking lots at both churches will be completely repaved with proper drainage and striping so that they are safe and usable for many years to come.

To improve church accessibility we will install ADA compliant automated doors and update the restrooms for wheelchairs and walkers.